Leaf Ornaments for Holiday Decoration


I cut thin aluminum into leaf shapes (3 to 4 inches long), texture and crease each one, make sure the edges are not sharp, and then string the leaves on copper wire. These are perfect for decorating your home for the Holidays. These will be on sale during the Sidestreet Gallery December Holiday Art Show.

The Opening, with refreshments, is on Friday, December 2, a First Friday Art Event @ Sidestreet Gallery, and goes from 6 to 9 pm.

New Sculpture

bus_cardsculpt-1x.jpg      bus_cardsculpt-2x.jpg     bus_cardsculpt-3x.jpg     bus_cardsculpt-4x.jpg     bus_cardsculpt-5x.jpg

I just created this 31-inch high sculpture from about 17,000 old business cards. They are layered and attached with wire and staples over a wooden armature, and then painted white.

In 2006, when I worked for the Northwest Regional Laboratory (now Education Northwest), they were changing the logo for the company, and so I asked my 200 or so colleagues to give me all of their useless business cards, and I got about 50,000. What a deal, since you know how long it would take me to cut up that many small pieces of paper.

Now, to figure out if it needs wire hair.

My Mask Art

Eight of my masks are in the October Sidestreet Gallery Group Show, here in Portland, Oregon.

metalman.jpg      green_guy.jpg    oregonscissornosebird.jpg    nine-eyes.jpg
Metal Guy            Green Guy         Scissor Bird      Nine Eyes

or_long-nosed_scissorbird.jpg    devil_mask.jpg    scrappy_girl.jpg    notch_brain.jpg
Long-Nosed Bird      Devil Mask         Scrappy Girl     Notch Brain

Mourning Shroud

I have a War Memorial sculpture in my front yard that I put up two years ago, and that I change occasionally. Today I changed it, and added a Mourning Shroud. What began as the Bush/Chaney/Rumsfeld War has turned into the Obama/Biden/Gates War, a war of extended timeframe, with little end in sight, regardless of what Obama said about a withdrawal time. Things change.


I have an informational plaque in the front for passers to read:

This is NOT a Happy Season!

How can I in my right mind put up bright celebration lights when there is Endless War

in Iraq & Afghanistan?

This Mourning Shroud is for

Those who have
sacrificed & WILL BE sacrificed–

American & other
Soldiers & Civilians—

Iraqi & Afghani—

All who die or are
harmed in this senseless war.
Join me & others in working for a
sustainable peace everywhere!



To Blog or Not To Blog, That is the Question!

This thing that I have set up IS a Blog, and most blogs are full of text. Mine isn’t. I created this originally to post my art and sculpture, and I have done that, though not very regularly. I still create a lot of art, though don’t sell much, probably because I don’t market my work very much or consistently.

So…this IS a Blog, and I am going to begin writing text…my thoughts about the world, America, and what is happening in our society.

First, I am appalled that there is still discussion about continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have made a sculptural statement in my front yard asking for the US to get OUT NOW.

My History
Back during the Viet Nam War days, I marched in many anti-war marches. In 1966 I sent my draft notice back after reading the entire thing, simply saying that I was not going to point a gun at anyone, much less pull the trigger. I had to go before a judge in Pasadena, California, who said, “You should not have done that!” (sent my draft notice back.) He took my case under consideration, and a month later I got a letter telling me that I would receive a new deferment classification from the local Draft Board. I was VERY lucky. I had friends who reluctantly had gone to war and come back un-whole, ruined, or not at all, not to mention the devastation wrought on their families and friends.

That post-combat devastation is not new. It is happening, as seen and reported across America, daily! With the deep pain and hurt for combatants, citizens, governments far and wide…people of all colors, persuasions, economic status, and political inclination, I wonder why we are warring so much all over this planet.

Even if it is true, as Claude Levi-Strauss said in Tristes Tropiques, that “The world began without the human race and will certainly end without it,” why are we so irresponsible, so un-caring of each other? (Re-quoted from the November 8, 2009 issue of the New York Times, “Week in Review,” p. 9.)

Do we just harbor a continuous “Dooms Day” mentality that we cannot shake…ever? I keep looking for explanations, and better ways…survival for us all.
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