Welcome to my ART & creations!

This Web site is the first of three Projects for my Retrospective Art Show. I am also publishing a book of my work, and hosting a curated Show of my work at a space somewhere in Portland, Oregon. That show will be at the end of 2019 or the first part of 2020. Together, these three projects are intended to show my creative work from over the past forty-seven years.


I was born in Southern California, attended high school and college there, and first taught at Whittier High School beginning January of 1968. Over a period of time I moved north, to Petaluma, California, and then to Portland, Oregon in 1995.

My goal has been to be an educator, not an artist, though I do have majors in both Art and English. With teaching, there was not much time left for art, and I did not have to sell my art to support my family. NOW…all of my art IS For Sale.

I worked in public education (high school Art and English teacher, Swim coach, school administrator, consultant, and grant writer) for over forty years. I look forward to your thoughts and feedback about my ART! Thank you!


Artists tend to get categorized based on their primary focus, whether it be drawing, sculpture, painting, printmaking or anything else. They become known for this, but rarely does it encompass the fullness of their capabilities. This is particularly true for me. I struggle with the need to categorize because my creative work spans a wide variety of art types and mediums. Some of the work is classical, some is clearly abstract, and other work is the result of my curiosity about how I can make a visual statement, what limits there are, and just how far I can go in the creation process. It is all a matter of thought, visual, technique, and medium exploration.

My creative art work represents the result of my curiosity about just how I can create…carve in wood, paint, create prints, make jewelry, mainly to expand my understanding of creativity and aesthetics, and to explore how I can actually make visual what I “see” in my brain.

MY work comes from an internal impetus to visually express something, a thought complexity, an emotion, and/or a human condition. Many creations get discarded; the process of creation was sufficient, and I move on to the next “thought piece.”

 I have learned that it makes no sense to do anything I am not interested in regardless of art or creation norms. So…I create abundantly across many mediums. I am ”In the moment,” and that is where the fun is!

 Moving ahead to the next piece, I invite you to see what I create.